This site is devoted to sharing pictures, letters  and poems of Sean B. He was a young man who loved kindness.  He enjoyed giving and receiving love. A gifted poet and writer. He was an amazing chess and card player.  Sean showed his love by cooking for family, friends and strangers alike.  You may have seen him reading palms on Church St. in Burlington, VT.  He touched many lives with his wit, charisma and love of life.

The site is maintained by Sean’ s family. We hope to show that Sean was more than his disease. We hope there will be less stigma and shame with mental illness and addiction. We hope to raise awareness of the dangers of  opiates and risk of death from their use.

As anyone reading this can understand, Sean wanted to live. he wanted sobriety. It takes only one moment of  weakness with an opiate to cause serious consequences. The message is don’t start. No one intends to grow up to be an addict.

The poems and letters were written, mostly during periods of good health.  The writings and posts chronicle his struggles with love, bipolar disorder, addiction and life.  Hopefully,  what he has left behind will help another to choose life over addiction or at least show more kindness to those struggling with this disease.

SB died at age 27 from an overdose of alcohol and fentanyl, combined with marijuana.

We will miss him forever.

Sean’s artwork at the Vermont Statehouse


Sean’s poem and prayer card on exhibit in 2018 . It was hard to donate this poem/artwork as it will not be returned. However, the message is important for our Representatives to hear.

Sean’s speech to the Legislators from the NECC in St. Johnsbury is available on the Instagram site.  Sean is the first speaker. he implores the Representatives to do more for mental health and addiction treatment in jail.  This was filmed in  2017.



Dear Mr. President (Obama)


Dear Mr. President
I Voted for you twice,

Do you mind, I really need two minutes of your time.
I hope you don’t mind I’ve composed a little rhyme.

Why do we still fight an unknown war in the Middle East.

They tell me it’s over, an amazing feat.
Nevertheless, I don’t see my green mountain boy on church street.

What about New York, a Yankee’s paradise.
You think all that money would suffice.

All the buyouts, bailouts and hostile takeovers.
Doesn’t anyone on Wall Street care about General Motors?

Minneapolis smiles turned into frowns.
Nothings but decay in the rust-belt towns.

People watch TV worrying about the Zombie apocalypse.
It already happened when heroin it the suburban metropolis.

The outbreaks already here.
Junkies prowl the streets in fear.

East coast life been a little frantic.
But we still go out a voted democratic.

You’ve done alright these last for years.
Please don’t leave this country in tears.

God bless America, and good luck to you.