Dear Mr. President (Obama)


Dear Mr. President
I Voted for you twice,

Do you mind, I really need two minutes of your time.
I hope you don’t mind I’ve composed a little rhyme.

Why do we still fight an unknown war in the Middle East.

They tell me it’s over, an amazing feat.
Nevertheless, I don’t see my green mountain boy on church street.

What about New York, a Yankee’s paradise.
You think all that money would suffice.

All the buyouts, bailouts and hostile takeovers.
Doesn’t anyone on Wall Street care about General Motors?

Minneapolis smiles turned into frowns.
Nothings but decay in the rust-belt towns.

People watch TV worrying about the Zombie apocalypse.
It already happened when heroin it the suburban metropolis.

The outbreaks already here.
Junkies prowl the streets in fear.

East coast life been a little frantic.
But we still go out a voted democratic.

You’ve done alright these last for years.
Please don’t leave this country in tears.

God bless America, and good luck to you.