St. Jay Work Camp

For several months in 2016 and 2017, Sean was at the St. Johnsbury Work Camp. Though he was facing only misdemeanor charges, he still ended up in jail for a significant amount of time. He had not been able to complete mental health court or sober living options. Unfortunately, Sean was taken off his medication for bipolardisorder while in jail. He never saw a psychiatric provider. When he was released in 2017, he was in a manic state. He didn’t want treatment. He did, on his own see his provider and tried to get back on medication. Sadly, it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, he died 38 days after release.

This video shows Sean asking for more mental health care services. It was filmed 6 months before he died.

Author: for-kindness

Sean Blake, our son was 27 when he died from an accidental overdose. Sean was for kindness. Writings, poems, and posts to keep his spirit alive. We share posts to remember Sean, advocate for better treatment for mental health. We share our journey through life after his death for parents of loss.

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